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February 29, 2016 | Facts about Flood Risk

May contain: building, architecture, flood, water, and outdoors

6 INCHES OF FLOODING + 2,000 SQ.FT. HOME = $39,150

(Source: FEMA National Flood Insurance Program)

  • FACT - Rain and storm water can flood your property
  • FACT - To prevent flooding, rain and storm water must be removed through the internal drainage system
  • FACT - RD 900 is responsible for operations and maintenance of the internal drainage system
  • FACT- RD 900 collects an annual assessment to pay for operations and maintenance of the internal drainage system. This assessment has not been increased since 1990 (26 years)
  • FACT- RD 900’s assessment no longer provides enough funding to properly maintain and operate the internal drainage system
  • FACT- Without a fully operational internal drainage system, properties could be mapped into a FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area (high-risk flood zone)
  • FACT- Properties in high-risk flood zones are subject to high cost, mandatory flood insurance and building restrictions
  • FACT- RD 900 must increase its annual assessment to cover costs of operating and maintaining the internal drainage system, and to prevent properties from flooding and being mapped into a high-risk flood zone