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June 2016 | Balloting Results

On April 14, 2016, Reclamation District 900’s Board of Directors authorized a Proposition 218 ballot process for a new property assessment. 

Assessments are based on benefits received from the avoidance of flood damage and differ for each property based on the following factors: land use; drainage type; property size; potential flood damage; amount of runoff; and, amount of drainage. Review the Engineer’s Report for more information.



The balloting period closed following a public hearing on June 6, 2016. On June 9, 2016, the Reclamation District 900 Board of Directors announced that the new assessment was approved by property owners with 57 percent of the weighted vote. More details are available in the Ballot Tabulation Report.



Also on June 9, the Board adopted the Engineer’s Report that sets forth the methodology for calculating assessments and authorized levy of the new assessment starting in Fiscal Year 2016-17. The District’s existing assessment has been suspended.